Advice for New Members and Visitors

Now some really specially good singing for you….click below, listen and enjoy !

Visiting Biarritz ?

On holiday ? Please call in for the sunday morning service in English at 11am. Followed by tea/coffee/bisuits and a chat.  We would love to see you. Bring your children !

We are in the town centre in the rear chapel of Saint Josephs church facing the market hall.

As a small but active anglican church we do not have a full time priest but we have a visiting priest once a month for a Holy Communion service. The rest of the time the members of our elected church council take it in turns to carry out the usual Sunday Morning Service following the standard approved Anglican Church liturgy. This includes of course singing popular hymns and praying together during moments of intercession when we unite spiritually and pray in the name of Jesus for those we know who are suffering in some way.


As we don’t have our own church we are very grateful that the Catholic Bishop of Biarritz allows us to use the Chapel of Saint Joseph’s church when it is not being used by them.  It is for this reason that we must be very careful to respect their own services…we request that all our members read and agree to obey the following basic rules set by our own Church Council…


“As an Anglican Church in France (St Andrew’s Church Biarritz) we benefit from international mutual agreements made with the Catholic church to use their churches when available for our own services.  The success of this collaboration depends on goodwill on both sides which we certainly have enjoyed in Biarritz for many, many years.
The use of St Joseph’s church is not a right. It depends on the goodwill of the local catholic Bishop and the mutual respect of the liturgical differences between our respective churches, and the fundamental rules set by our own Church Council have been set as:

  1. Our members or visitors will NOT pass through the main church when a Catholic Mass or any other service is being held. They are to wait until the church empties.

2. Our members are to use the back church-yard entrance through the white gates in Avenue Victor Hugo next to the Presse shop/librairie.

3. Entrance to the meeting room next to the church-yard is controlled by
members of the Church Council who alone have a door key-card  to open the
gate of the car park and enter the church through the back church-yard door.


Please help us to maintain the excellent relations we have with the clergy and congregation of St Joseph’s.

4. Access to the chapel is NOT permitted at any time  while a Catholic service is being held in the main church. Please wait in the covered church yard.

5. Complete silence of our members and their children is requested when they are waiting for the on-going catholic service to end.

6. Members and visitors may, if there are any unoccupied parking spaces, park in the church yard if the white street-gates are open, as is usually the case. However do not block anyone by parking behind any occupied spaces. If all the spaces are occupied you must leave and park in the street.

Thank you observing these simple basic rules !


Are you new to the Basque Country?

Congratulations !…You have made an excellent choice to live here. : the sea, the mountains, the sun, the beaches, and Spain is so close and easy to visit. And in Biarritz alone there are many social clubs (associations) meeting the needs of many nice people. (bridge, tennis, walking, painting, writing,   you name it, theres a club for everything here)

If you’ve just arrived in this area, you may need a little help getting to grips with all those French administrative details or choosing suitable schools for the children or finding out about social and sporting events. You may simply be in need of someone to talk to in English. 

We at Biarritz Anglican Church would be delighted to get to know you or point you in the right direction for any advice and help on settling-in. Most of our members are familiar with those tricky procedures and we try to ensure that newcomers feel welcome. So don’t hesitate to come along on Sunday morning at 11am to join us in worship. Get to know some of the English-speakers living here during the tea and coffee chat after the service !

Note for first-time visitors ……All our Sunday services start at 11am and last about one hour.  A car park is available during the service  in the church  yard, with access through the white gates higher up the street.

The Hymns we like to sing:

We all like to sing together both the modern, and more traditional hymns which you probably know since childhood. Our preferences are the favorites taken from the list..” 20 Most Popular Hymns” of the “Songs of Praise” survey of the BBC TV interdenominational programme. These hymns are all included in our official hymn book, (accessible by the “first line” index).

Click below to load this list as a word file:


If you have any questions or want to find out more details please contact Simon Nicholas on 06 06 45 44 12.